Why 10,000 hours of practice to master anything is old news!

By now you have all heard and used the various techniques to try and memorize or learn something. 
Many studies have been published on the topic of learning and how our brains assimilate and retain information.
I will spare you the details and stats (unless you really want that, then please contact me or comment below) but simply put there is no magic, it just takes practice and repetition. Spaced learning to be exact. There has been many books and blogs to help us better learn and apply this principle. Many applications including LMS and training simulation systems also cater to helping people learn better and faster. 

The big problem is that in an enterprise business setting speed and agility is what separates the winners from the losers. Applications like SAP are very complex and business processes are always unique to the company or situation in general.

So how do you accelerate the process and help a business user or a new hire be productive using SAP from day 1?

OnScreen provides business users contextual live help directly in production on their SAP screen. This is not generic help but content your key users and subject matter experts create and publish to help guide end users. This helps them complete any process from start to end or even from the middle without having to recall information they may have forgotten and without having to search for help they may not easily find. The information is available to them where and when they need it to walk them through the tcode or process step by step using your language and best practices. 

Do you think your customer service reps, sales or business users in general would appreciate that? Let us know or contact us to learn more.

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