Making SAP a Snap: An Introduction to OnScreen

Transform SAP Business Users into Super Users Instantly! Is working with SAP slowing things down for your business? OnScreen has developed a unique solution that enables users to create and share visual guides to SAP to define your workflows and streamline operations.  It isn’t just a fancy way to create training modules: our software acts as a complementary tool that helps professionals use SAP more effectively. In this article, we’ll describe why it’s difficult to use SAP efficiently, explain how OnScreen makes it easier to use SAP software, and let you know how you can get started with OnScreen. What makes SAP so difficult? SAP is both a complex and powerful tool for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the world’s foremost provider of software solutions for businesses. As a software, SAP provides functionality for addressing all of the key business functions an organization might need. From finance and inventory to…

How to Modify your Training Approach when Using an Agile Methodology

Most of us by now have at least heard of Agile methodology if not participated in a project using it. If you’re lucky, you may have worked with a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or an experienced Agile practitioner. In many cases, organizations have decided to adopt an Agile methodology without a clear plan on how it fits into the organization.  Project Managers may be asked to transition from traditional waterfall methodologies to Agile with little to no training. “We’re using an Agile methodology, we don’t need requirements or documentation.” Statements like these are all too common among Agile project managers and team members. Using an Agile methodology does not mean the project team abdicates all responsibility for required documentation. On the other hand, documentation should be examined to ensure only value add documentation is being produced.   How Does this Apply to Training? Even in waterfall projects training is often…


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